Persuasion Tactic – Truisms


Truisms are used to pace the client to your way of thinking and then deliver a command.


Politicians often use the truism tactic. They are usually done in three’s and then the fourth is what you want them to do or believe. Here is a politician’s example:

“We all want an NHS that delivers the best service.” (pace)
“We want to make sure nurses are paid fairly.” (pace)
“And we want to make sure treatment is available to to those who require it….” (pace) “And that is why we need to increase taxes.” (command / belief)

How to incorporate it into your selling

• State three things that are so true they can’t argue with you • deliver your ‘close’ on the fourth


“We have shown you our great track record.” (pace)
“You agree our testimonials show trust.” (pace)
“And I have provided you with a special discount.” (pace)
“So will we go ahead with this booking.” (close)


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