Stephen is unlike many people. His unique disposition of being able to integrate psychology into sales skills training puts sets him apart from a lot of experts. This is how Stephen has earned his recognition in the UK as one of the leading authorities on sales psychology and sales training for millennials.

In addition to being the author of ‘The Motivated Mind’, Stephen’s professional sports background and practicing daily with multiple World Champions has given him access to how World Champions operate both physically and mentally.

He is able to turn these experiences into captivating sales talks where Stephen covers stories of how the great champions think like leaders and how this can be transferred into your business and life.

Stephen’s business background is just as extensive. A top-selling salesperson for over 15 years, 14 years as a sales training expert, a multiple business owner, entrepreneur & motivator, his sales talks will both inspire and motivate your sales people and leaders to greater levels of performance.

If you’re looking for a motivational speaker that covers sales psychology, sales leadership and how to think like a champion as well as the very best selling tactics, structures and systems, Stephen is the right mix of everything and leaves crowds inspired, motivated, uplifted and at times in laughter.

The Mindset Of A Master

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