Hear What People Are Saying About Stephen

​Vimal Bhimji,

​Cattleya Kitchens

Stephen ran a sales training day programme for our employees. Our sales team learned different techniques on approaching clients, building client relationship, keeping clients engaged throughout the sales process and closing sales. The results have been amazing and we have seen a growth in our sales with our newest employee who has never worked in sales hitting a sales target of £200K in the first 3 months of joining the team.

Marcus Green

Toolkit Websites

“Top Sales Coach Stephen has been coaching our sales team for the last six months and he’s fantastic. He comes once a week and spends the day side by side with our sales execs. Together they work through developing call structures, signposting, questioning skills, targets, motivation, closing and more. We always get more sales on the days that Stephen is in the office.”

​Sunil Kara,

​Owner Bathwise UK London

“Stephen was exceptional. He came into our high end retail store, worked with our team and turned our sales results on it’s head. To be more concise he doubled our sales within a week!”

​M. Warner,

​Outbound Sales Manager, Aviva

“With Stephen working with the team on our sales techniques, attitudes, beliefs and confidence levels we recorded a new record that very month of £115,000. His results say it all.”

​Keith Callaway,

​Managing Partner, Property Wealth Insurance Brokers

“Absolute phenomenal coach and sales trainer. Stephen will increase your sales results period! I’ve worked with him for many years now and he is so motivational that you can’t help but get fired up. Highly recommend him. He talks the talk and walks the walk.”

Christine Turner,

Group Operations Manager, New Forest Hotels

“After the sales training our staff were filled with excitement and fired up to drive forward with the new sales tools and structures that they learned. We immediately implemented them and the results were instant. Within days of the training we had made three wedding event bookings. Great motivational and effective training.”

Heather Shepherd,

Office Manager, JBT MARINE

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the training last week. It was really amazing and I learnt more from one day with you than I did doing a two years Masters!”

Will Howard

​Director, Giftpro

“After working with Mindcell my personal sales figures increased by over 300%.”

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