There are 3 Core Areas Of Training available

Stephen’s expertise has been constructed into training courses for both self-development and sales organisations. These courses create individuals who want to be the best version of them. Who want to be at the top of their game in both personal development and success achievement in their career and life.



A training program designed for outbound b2b sales people who may be experiencing difficulty pushing past their targets and excelling in their sales career.

The training program covers both extensive insights and actions into mindset & skill set helping you become a skilful and mentally strong sales person. The sales training program has over 7 hours of tools, tactics and techniques to help you excel in b2b selling. If the time is now to double or triple your sales then this is the program for you.

The course is very good for ensuring the following results are obtained:

  • Getting past gatekeepers
  • Perfecting your opening statements
  • How to overcome objections like disinterest, avoidance, no budget, needing to reflect, too busy to decide;
  • How to keep control during your sales calls
  • Why it pays to grab the decision makers attention on the phone itself;
  • How to program mindsets for success in b2b selling scenarios
  • Why tonality is so important;
  • How to manage distractions;
  • How to persuade and influence at both conscious and unconscious levels
  • How to almost hypnotise the customer into making the decision to choose you.
  • Being able to master the art of pre-closing;
  • How to ensure you always close the deals.
  • The most effective questions to ask that lead to the sale

The ‘Closers Club’

Monthly Success Program

Stephen’s flagship personal development program for maximising your own personal and professional growth. An all access pass to getting what you actually want in life. If you want to build a World class lifestyle, take charge of your thinking and you’re ready to commit to your own goals and dreams then this monthly mentorship program is for you. This is the only monthly program where members get ‘live’ access to Stephen every month.

If you want to…

  • Create a bulletproof mind for achieving all your goals and dreams
  • Close more sales deals and earn a lot more money
  • Learn how to master your own mind for achieving success
  • Change your results in life and start fast tracking your success
  • Set goals, action them monthly and be held accountable
  • Become a master or your own psychology, persuasion & influence
  • Be coached & mentored by Stephen ‘live’ every month

You can't succeed at higher levels without new strategies and mentorship.

If you’re looking to strengthen your mind, increase your skills in persuasion, influence and achieve more faster then this is the gamechanger for you!



Equipping leaders to be able to fulfil organisations culture and learning objectives is one of the strongest skills you can bestow upon leadership staff in the organisation. They will have the ability to transform your staff and keep them motivated and willing to push ahead and conquer targets as well as instill a positive company spirit.

The Mindset Of A Master

An Injection For Motivation For Business & Life Success DOWNLOAD